Certified Professional Chiropractor Coach

When you decided to become a Chiropractor, you had a dream. That dream was your driving force. Sometimes, though, it feels as if that dream may elude you. You made it through all those years of education. You are intelligent, educated and determined. Now you are a chiropractor, and ready to go. But there is so much more you want to accomplish.

Would you like to attract more patients? Would you like to increase your referral rate? Would you like to know that you are going to continue to grow your practice so it provides for you and your family for years to come? Would you like to be known as the go-to chiropractor for people in your community?

Maybe it’s time to explore how you can achieve exceptional results in your life and in your practice as a chiropractor. Maybe it’s time to explore what a coach can do for you.

Let me show you.

I am a Certified Professional Coach who works exclusively with enterprising chiropractors who want to develop exceptional practices. How do I do it?

My training as a Certified Professional Coach taught me specific techniques that are applied in each coaching session to help my chiropractor clients identify and clarify their goals. Once your goal is clearly focused in your mind we begin the process of laying out a plan to turn that goal into an accomplishment. You become the achiever, I am your coach.
As a chiropractor, you often see your patients fail to reach their maximum benefit because they have lost sight of the goal. It isn’t your fault. It isn’t the fault of the patient. It happens to all of us. That is where a coach comes into play.

A Chiropractor Coach Keeps You Accountable

As a coach, I keep you accountable. Together we follow a carefully constructed program designed to make your dreams as a chiropractor a reality.

I obtained my credentials as a Certified Professional Coach at iPEC Coaching, the industry leader in accredited coach training programs. In an intensive course that lasted more than seven months I learned the methods that professionally-trained coaches use to help clients succeed. I use those tools to help my chiropractor clients develop exceptional practices.

If you meet certain criteria, we can start working to make the reality of your practice fit your dreams.

Not All Chiropractors Qualify.

It is impossible to coach every chiropractor who wants my services. So I have to have some criteria to determine who can benefit the most. The first qualification is that you must have been in practice for at least three years. I will be happy to discuss the other criteria with you when you contact me.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to start achieving exceptional results? Contact me. Let me give you a demonstration of just how having a coach can help you make that dream come true.