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“A very intimate and poignant evening. Our guests learned some wonderful things about the genius mind and tender heart of the late, great Charles Berry Thank you Wayne Schoeneberg!” Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers

Master Storyteller

Wayne Schoeneberg is a transformational speaker and is known as a “Master Storyteller.” A veteran of more than 40 years in Courtrooms in both State and Federal Courts, Wayne has honed the art of storytelling and uses it adeptly to win cases for his clients.

Wayne says that he learned the art of story telling in his family. Some of his fondest memories are of his grandmother standing at the back window of their two-family flat in St, Louis and pointing to the garage near the alley. In the evening she would tell him all about Jo-Jo the pony that lived in the garage. She would spin a tale of how they would take Jo-Jo out for a ride in nearby Forest Park and how Wayne would be the envy of all the other people in the park.

Of course there was no pony. But Wayne remembered how that story made him feel. How it brought joy to him. How it helped passed the time.

Wayne’s professional storytelling career started in college where he became a disk jockey and developed a wildly popular character and persona known as Adam Bond. This was in the mid-1960s. How popular was Adam Bond? In 2017 Wayne was giving a presentation to the National Speakers Association in San Francisco when a man came up to him and asked, “Were you Adam Bond?”

speaker gun rightsThe man was a member of the National Speakers Association and had been in the audience. He said that as a youngster he used to stand outside the studio window of the radio station where “Adam Bond” performed and formulate his plan to be in radio one day. He got his wish and after years in radio went on to become a speaker.

Wayne knows the art of storytelling and uses the stage now to pass on the secrets he learned and used to business and sales executives. He knows that in order to stand out you have to have a story. Story telling can be learned. Wayne has  practiced the art for almost 50 years.

His life has been a series of events that are woven into stories that demonstrate to his listeners how to set yourself apart. Learn how his storytelling ability took him from newcomer to the main stage of the National Speakers Association in 18 months.

If you are looking to set yourself, your business or your product apart from the others, learn to be a storyteller.

Wayne is married to Rebecca Schoeneberg, an award winning Interior Designer. The two of them share a passion for travel and adventure. His other interests include motorcycles, jumping from perfectly good airplanes and golf. He is a true adventurer and lives life to the fullest each day.

His programs are filled with anecdotes and illustrative stories from what has been an exciting adventure in life.

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