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Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Entertainer


A very intimate and poignant evening. Our guests learned some wonderful things about the genius mind and tender heart of the late, great Charles Berry Thank you Wayne Schoeneberg!”~Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers

Speaker~Master of Ceremonies~Storyteller~Entertainer

Wayne is an entertaining, powerful storyteller who can take your audience on a compelling journey and deliver them to their destination inspired, educated and entertained.

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, Master of Ceremonies or just some pure entertainment through storytelling or humor Wayne will provide it for you. He is a born storyteller.

His skills have propelled him the the top of the legal profession where he has tried more that 200 jury trials. His clients have included major corporations to rock legend Chuck Berry. Wayne served as personal legal counsel to Mr. Berry for more than 20 years. Make sure to ask him how he happened to end up with his picture in Rolling Stone Magazine.

His skills lie in being able to construct a presentation to fit the needs of any meeting planner. His experience comes from putting together trials for over 200 juries that range from civil to criminal. As a trial attorney he has had to master a variety of subjects. His presentation skills are without equal. He is captivating and persuasive.

Wayne is a pilot, parachutist, motorcycle enthusiast and adventurer. His travels have taken him from Sarajevo to Budapest, Moscow to Paris and many other locations. All the while he has gathered stories that have helped and inspired others to reach new heights, take new chances and be more productive. Wayne is a humorist by nature and loves showing people how storytelling increases the real connection with people.

His stories come from his adventures, triumphs and defeats. He is open about his weaknesses and uses what he calls his shortfalls to inspire others to success. He is a two-time cancer survivor, has ridden his motorcycle over 100,000 miles and engaged in mock military exercises with the Russian Special Forces in Russia and Belarus. You will find his stories interesting, informative, funny and inspirational.speaker wts mpi 1939

Informative, Inspirational, Entertaining

His programs are filled with anecdotes and personal stories from his life. Wayne calls on a strong background as a leader and a professional to guide his listeners along the path to success in business and in life.  He is
a speaker with a diverse background of experience in the world of business. Wayne is an adventurer and has an adventurer’s spirit. Your group will be motivated to take on the daily challenges of life with an entirely re-worked attitude of achievement and accomplishment. And there is sure to be plenty to keep them entertained.

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