Wayne Schoeneberg Achieving chiropractor coach speakingWayne Schoeneberg is a nationally recognized professional public speaker, business coach and acclaimed trial attorney. He works with organizations that want their people to be confident, decisive and productive.

His style as a professional public speaker is to educate, inspire and entertain his audiences so they leave with an increased sense of confidence in their company, their careers and themselves.

Wayne has spoken across the country to businesses, associations and juries while achieving exceptional results in all three areas.

His presentations are created individually for each organization or event. He believes that one size does not fit all. Wayne requires that before each event he have a phone conference with the event organizer to determine the goals of the presentation and the theme of the meeting.

By using illustrations, anecdotes and metaphors Wayne draws the audience members into the presentation in a way that each individual understands how the material applies to them. Whether Wayne’s presentation as a professional speaker is a keynote, workshop or breakout he understands the principles of making the audience members feel as though he is talking directly to them.

Wayne worked his way through undergraduate school at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri working as a radio personality at a commercial radio station. He was so popular that every big-name music touring act that came to town hired Wayne to open the show.

From college Wayne went to Officer Candidate School in the United States Army and served as Company Commander for a military intelligence detachment. After completing his military service he attended law school at the University of Missouri at Columbia, Missouri where he obtained a Juris Doctor degree.

After being admitted to the Bar he went into private practice where he built a very successful, high-profile practice. Many of his more famous cases have been featured on national television network news, radio and publications around the world. He does have a funny story about how his picture (not real flattering by his account) ended up in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Wayne Schoeneberg Achieving chiropractor coach speaking crowd largeWayne became a Certified Professional Coach in order to better serve his clients. As a business coach Wayne works with individuals or groups to help them create a Culture of Confidence™ in the company, unit or individual. Wayne obtained his coaching certification through iPEC.

Wayne’s writings have appeared in numerous publications not only for attorneys but a diverse group of industries.

He has been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell with their highest rating for attorneys of AV. He is honored by his peers as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates. He was tapped by the National Speakers Association to be a main stage presenter at their 2017 Winter Business Symposium.

Wayne is married to Rebecca Schoeneberg, an award winning Interior Designer. The two of them share a passion for travel and adventure. Wayne is a pilot, a parachutist (he figured it wouldn’t hurt to learn one if he were doing the other) a motorcyclist and a golfer. He doesn’t like to mention it, but he is a two-time cancer survivor.

He is truly an adventurer and lives life to the fullest each day.

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