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Your meeting is coming to a close. You have had keynotes, breakouts and training. Your attendees are exhausted. They cannot digest one more piece of content, let alone that great meal.

Then have them leave with smiles on their faces.

Wayne Schoeneberg is a compelling after dinner (or maybe lunch) speaker who draws on his years of experience as a trial lawyer and adventurer to entertain audiences with stories of interest to all.

Whether it is a funny story about a trial or an interesting adventure your attendees are sure to leave the event happy.

Wayne’s has lived a life that people envy. He is a highly rated trial lawyer, pilot, motorcycle riding, parachuting, traveler who has the goal each day to have as much fun as he can. He is a nationally known professional speaker and occasional standup comic.

You will enjoy hearing about some of his most interesting trials. Some of his cases were the lead story on the national evening news broadcasts. Or maybe the stories he tells about his 20 years as personal counsel and friend to Rock ‘n’ Roll founder Chuck Berry might be your favorite.

He may tell you about the time he was stranded in a Paris airport for 18 hours when it closed down during the holiday season or the night he encountered the Russia Special Police in Ryazan, Russia.

Wayne worked his way through college as a number one rated disk jockey at a commercial radio station. He served as Commanding Officer of a very Top-Secret Army Military Intelligence Detachment, and has tried more than 200 jury trials ranging from death penalty cases to products liability, commercial litigation and medical malpractice. And he has ridden his motorcycle with Hell’s Angels.

But wait, that’s not all. He has been a grocery clerk, auto worker, bartender, school bus driver, candidate for State Senate and more. How could he not have an arsenal of stories that would entertain any audience?

Wayne makes this promise: His presentation will not have one bit of content to it. There will be no boring PowerPoint slides. No notes will have to be taken. There will not be a handout. It will just be a fun, funny and entertaining wrap-up to your event.

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Choose the theme that’s right for you (or two!) and then contact us for more information. Wayne Schoeneberg is sure to provide your guests with an entertaining evening they’ll never forget! You can read some of these stories in the Here’s The Scoop section of this web site.

Vegas on Short Notice

At dinner one evening with a friend he suggested we do something different. Before we knew it we were standing at a craps table in Las Vegas. Not at all close to St. Louis.

Becoming a Tailhooker

Did I ever imagine I would experience an arrested landing and catapult launch from an aircraft carrier? No. Especially since I served in the Army. I am now a Tailhooker.

I Found It In Leviticus

Did you ever have something just jump off the page at you? I did. Was it a sign from God or just good luck. Whatever it was it sure worked out.

Mass Tactical Assault

There I was in Belarus with their Special Forces. We had our parachutes on and ready to spring into the air. Here is what it is like to jump from an airplane at 250 knots.

Please Don’t Say A Word

Sometimes clients insist on saying their piece. In this case it was a costly little speech my client made. But he just could not control himself.

A Powerul Influence

Who has been influential in your life? This is a story about one of the most influential experiences I have ever had. The influencer will surprise you.

The Meeting Was a Hit!

Ever meet a bona fide hit man in person? I did but at the time didn’t know who he was. This was a fascinating time in my life dealing with made men from New Jersey. I learned even more about my new acquaintance from the movie The Irishman

Another Strange Referral

What would you tell your son about the lawyer who represented the man who kidnapped you and his mother? I was surprised to hear it.

I Wouldn’t Do It for That

I used to go to Las Vegas a lot when I was single and much younger. One night I got there on the red eye. A shuttle bus came for us (this was at the old airport)  but was going to leave one couple behind out on the parking lot all alone in the middle of the night. Really? Here’s what happened.

Russian Special Police

It was my first trip to Russia. Suddenly I was confronted by an ominous looking man showing me a badge and exclaiming, “Russian Special Police.” I had to think fast. This was no place for an after dinner speaker.

Roadside Beggars

We’ve all probably encountered a person at an intersection holding a sign asking for money and offering a blessing. Who are they? What is their story? I had an opportunity to find out. I actually became friends with one … for a while anyway.

You Did what?

I once asked a woman who wanted me to represent her in a divorce what the worst thing her husband would say she had done. Her answer will surprise you. I know it did me.

Cover Of The Rolling Stone

Dr. Hook wanted to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. I did not make the cover but my picture is in the magazine along with the story of an interesting press conference. How did that happen?

Hi, I’m Dickie Betts

Those words actually startled me into asking myself what I was doing there. It was Nashvile, many years ago. I was standing in the hotel lobby with my guitar. Now one of the founders of the Allman Brothers was standing right next to me holding his guitar. “Why did I bring this guitar?” I asked myself. 

Is He Who Profits From Crime Guilty Of It?

When does drug money stop being drug money? The guy who sold me the lawn sprinkler system had to think about that.

Who Recommended Me?

Referrals come from the strangest of places. This one was as unusual as you could imagine. You are lucky to get referrals from satisfied customers. But this one tops the list of unexpected.

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Anyone?

This is a story about how I turned down what would have been like a lifetime supply of ice cream from the Ben & Jerry’s company. Chuck Berry was involved.

You Want How Much?

A lady came to me for a child support increase. She had a very specific, seemingly unreasonable amount in mind. She said that was the amount she wanted and would not settle for less. The trial certainly didn’t go as I expected. Neither did the result. 

Is He a Narc?

I once represented a man charged with selling cocaine. He thought he had figured a sure-fire way to tell if the person he was dealing with was an undercover cop. Here was his plan.

Me and Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison is said to have tried 1000 different bulb designs before he got one to work. He and I have something in common. Just what is it?

How I Came To Represent Chuck Berry

Things do not always happen in a logical, sequential way. I speech I gave in Chicago in the mid-1980’s led to Chuck Berry becoming my client in the late 1980’s. The journey from Chicago to then runs all the way through San Francisco.


IMDb is an online database that has information about movies, television shows and the actors in them. I was surprised to find that I am listed in IMDb. Well, I am sort of listed in IMDb. You’d have to hear the whole story to understand.


I was scheduled to leave for Italy on September 11, 2001. That day a brutal act of terrorism changed the lives of so many people. Some in major ways and some in almost imperceptible ways. The course of my life was changed for the better that day.

Great Idea, No Execution

Superman was just about to get crushed between the walls when my father ordered me into the car. I was about six years old. I was not happy about leaving at that critical moment. Then I came up with what I thought was a great idea. And it was but just a few years too soon. Learn how a great inventor was snuffed out at an early age.

Wait! I Can’t Go To Jail

Some of the reasons people give for not being able to go to jail are funny, some make you scratch your head. What were they thinking? Were they thinking? Why didn’t they think about this when they were committing the crime? I’ll share soem of the best ones with you.

Oh, Judge, I Can’t Do That Long!

Sometimes defendants have comments or reactions to the length of the sentence that the Judge hands down. In this story as an after dinner speaker I will share how some of the Judges reacted.

That Can’t Be Our Bill!

The hotel was so proud of their brand new computer system that kept track of everything we spent in the hotel complex. It was new, smart and certain. Why, then, did the bellman keep trying to put new guests in our room? Hear how technology can really foul things up.

Whether its anecdotes about celebrities in the golden age of tv, or insights from his many years as a globe-trotting entrepreneur, Wayne has a story that will connect with YOUR audience. To find the perfect speaking topic for your next event, we invite you to browse the Story Menu.

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