An Opportunity To Expand

Having an Opportunity Outlook is something that I speak to audiences about on a regular basis. You might say that I try to do it every opportunity I get.

You see, having an opportunity outlook forms a mindset that can only lead to adventure and success. For if you start each day thinking about the opportunities that are waiting for you, it is hard to find anything else.

I like to explain it in a simple, if not silly, way. If you have ever had a dog you let run free in your fenced-in back yard you understand that it becomes necessary to go out on “poop patrol.” It is a most distasteful task but it has to be done. And so you get your pooper scooper and gloves and head out to the back yard. Depending on the size of your pooch, finding the despicable droppings can be easy or difficult. But either way you are looking for dog poop.

Because your mind is focused on finding dog poop, you might actually walk by something more interesting that has blown into your yard. You are looking for dog poop, not interesting things.

Life is a lot like that. If you spend your day looking for all of the bad things that could possibly befall you, that is exactly what you ae going to find. Your subconscious mind is going to tell you to be on the alert for disaster and surely, you will find it.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Good things like that never happen to me! You sure are lucky.”

Well I can assure you that the reason good things don’t happen to those people is because they walk right by them in search of the next problem. If they were looking for opportunities, though, those opportunities would suddenly be discoverable to them.

An opportunity outlook is just that. When I get up in the morning I think about all of the possibilities for goodness that are out there for me to find. I look at each day as a treasure hunt.

The universe has put things in motion and it is my opportunity to seize the good things for me. It may be a new speaking engagement, a new coaching client or simply the chance to meet someone different.

Every person you encounter every day has the potential to change your life in a positive way. The task, if you are up to it, is to find out what that opportunity is that that person brings to you.

I promise you that if you establish your opportunity outlook you are going to find the treasures in your future. So think about it. When you leave your house each day to venture out into the world are you looking for treasures or dog poop?