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Whether its anecdotes about celebrities, or insights from his many years as a globe-trotting entrepreneur, Wayne has a story that will connect with YOUR audience. To find the perfect speaking topic for your next event, we invite you to browse the Story Menu. Choose the theme that’s right for you (or two!) and then contact us for more information. Wayne Schoeneberg is sure to provide your guests with an entertaining evening they’ll never forget!

The Cover of The Rolling Stone

Dr. Hook wanted to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone

Rock ‘n’ Roll founder Chuck Berry

You will enjoy hearing about some of his most interesting trials. Some of his cases were the lead story on the national evening news broadcasts. Or maybe the stories he tells about his 20 years as personal counsel and friend to Rock ‘n’ Roll founder Chuck Berry might be your favorite.

After Dinner Promise

Wayne makes this promise: His presentation will not have one bit of content to it. There will be no boring PowerPoint slides. No notes will have to be taken. Just fun, entertaining and amusing stories.

After Dinner Speaker

On the flight deck of the USS Lexington after doing an arrested landing. Now he is a Tailhooker

Wayne never made the cover but his picture did get in Rolling Stone magazine. He is still holding out for the cover

After Dinner Speaker

What happened when Wayne was confronted by the Russian Special Police in Ryazan, Russia


Choose from Wayne’s wide variety of entertaining stores.

Vegas on Short Notice

I was having dinner and drinks one Friday night with David when he said, “Let’s do something fun tonight.” A few hours later we were landing in Las Vegas.
After Dinner Speaker

Wayne & Loretta Lynn

What fun it was to present this painting to Loretta Lynn at what was then called Fan Fair

after dinner speaker

Have you ever wanted to be a busker?

Being born in New Orleans, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play a few songs on Bourbon Street. It is just another adventure I’d love to tell you about.

Let's Ride

The more than 100,000 miles I put on my Heritage Softail Classic started with this trip to the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota

You Did What?

Ask a woman what the worst thing her husband is going to say about her in the divorce and the answer might surprise you. I’d be happy to tell you the whole story.

Wayne Schoeneberg

After Dinner Speaker

Here I am at a Toastmasters International Leadership Conference. Only a few years later I was onstage with the Toastmasters International President and also their CEO. Great story about how that happened.

After Dinner Speaker

About Wayne

Wayne Schoeneberg is a compelling after dinner (or maybe lunch) speaker who draws on his years of experience as a trial lawyer and adventurer to entertain audiences with stories of interest to all. Wayne has lived a life that people envy. He is a highly-rated trial lawyer, pilot, motorcycle-riding, parachuting traveler who sets the goal each day of having as much fun as is humanly possible. He is a nationally known professional speaker and occasional standup comic.

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