“I was not that excited about a legal presentation … and then Wayne got up there and I was absolutely amazed”

~ Shep Hyken, Former President of the National Speakers Association

“Legal stuff freaks me out. Wayne was amazing here at NSA !”

~Carolyn Strauss, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, TV Personality

“Wayne … took something that a lot of us don’t think we care about and translated it into where we totally get it and got us thinking about it and take action on it.”

~Gary Rifkin, Speaker, Coach

“… not only did he make it simple, he used humor … was down to earth …I thought Wayne knocked it out of the park…”

~ Amy Simatos, Sales Strategist, Trainer, Keynote Speaker

“Wayne … was fabulous. He took legal issues and made them fun. I highly recommend Wayne.”

~ Janet Bailey, Speaker, Coach

“Wayne made law fun. If you get a chance to see him, take it.”

~ Kali Williams, Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur

“I just received your email from the Centene Trainers Summit. Thank you so much for blessing our work family with your presence and motivation! And of course your book!”

~ Stephanie N. – Centene Trainers Summit ~

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Are you ready to amplify your business performance with some solid business coaching? Need an Entrepreneurs Coach? My job isn’t to give you the answers, it’s to help you find the best answers for you.

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Are you ready to amplify your business performance with some solid business coaching? My job isn’t to give you the answers, it’s to help you find the best answers for you.

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Presentations and Publications:

Wayne’s Whereabouts

Creating a Culture of Confidence™ – Professional Speaker Wayne Schoeneberg

Wayne Schoenberg speaks to organizations and companies that want their people to be self-assured, decisive and productive. He is best known for creating a Culture of Confidence and is known nationally as an expert speaker and trial lawyer.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Too Seriously to Enjoy Life Today I am back on the bandwagon about taking yourself too seriously. Quit it. My passion in life is helping people find their confidence and also teaching organizations how they can create a Culture of Confidence™. One of the constants...

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

It Is Your Comfort Zone, Embrace It You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting some speaker who is encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone. You know, that was great phrase when it first came on the scene. It applied mostly to athletes and people who were doing...

I am Serious About This

Seriously? I am staying on the topic of not taking yourself too seriously. It is the enemy of confidence. That type of thinking damages your confidence because you are in a constant state of judging your own behavior by some standard you imagine that others are...

Confidence to Admit You are Struggling

Show Your Confidence Sometimes it takes a little show of confidence to admit that you are not where you want to be in your business or personal life. I am not talking about complaining. Complaining will never accomplish anything. Only action produces results....

Whose Opinion Counts?

“If all men count with you, but none too much; …” This line is from one of the best pieces of poetry I have ever read. My father taught me this poem when I was a young man and I have tried to make it my roadmap since then. I haven’t always succeeded and sometimes I...

Unbeatable Confidence

It Is About The Obstacles To Confidence Recently I spoke to the Farmington Regional Chamber of Commerce on my favorite subject, confidence. In fact it was all about creating a Culture of Confidence™. The feedback I received was very encouraging to me. It validated the...

What Matters Most Is What You Think About Yourself

Who Cares? The truth is that we bring on many of our own problems because we are trying too hard to measure up to someone else’s standards. That is not what matters most. That certainly has been my truth on more than one occasion. If you are fortunate you will realize...

What Others Think

Why Do We Do It? So many people worry about what others might think of them. It is a common emotion. It is a prevalent thought in many of the people I coach when we first start out. It is only natural to be concerned about what others might think. What is interesting...

Would a Small Business Coach Be Your Best Option

The Perfect Plan Now that your business is up and running you have begun to find a few blemishes in your original plan. That is perfectly understandable. The old military saying that “no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the...

Confidence Is The Foundation Of Success

Confidence Comes First There is no getting around it. Confidence is the thing that serves as the bedrock of success. It is that quality that is needed in order to take on a challenge with the right attitude. Imagine a long line. That is what I call the spectrum of...

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