Developing Confidence

Confidence Comes With Effort

If you are in doubt about your abilities, you cannot expect others to believe in you. So how does the beginner build the confidence necessary to succeed? Let’s start with the first rule. Confidence is not something you are born with, it is something that you develop. It does not just “happen.” It is a result of effort on your part.

You have probably looked at someone you admire and wish you had their confidence. Let me tell you that the person you think is confident has been working on that trait for a long time.

Self-Assured, Decisive, Productive

As a Certified Professional Coach, I work exclusively with people who want to be more self-assured, decisive and productive. Many of these people are already successful in their own fields, but they are still not confident in their abilities. So, if that describes you at all, you are already in good company. You just need to work on those things that will develop your confidence.

When you create your own Culture of Confidence® you quickly begin to see that people treat you differently. Confident people are admired by others. And they should be. Being confident is the result of hard work. It is not an impossible task by any means, but it does not come naturally to anyone.

Confidence to Believe in Yourself

To be confident, you have to believe in yourself. You also have to be at peace with your shortcomings. For instance, when I was a young man I thought it was important for me to be a good athlete. But no matter how hard I tried, I could never make the varsity. And when I did make a team I usually spent most of the season on the bench.

Did that hurt my confidence? Of course it did. It not only hurt my confidence as an athlete, it affected my overall confidence in myself as a person. But as I grew into a young adult I realized that my strengths were not in being an athlete. My strengths were in being a leader. My strengths were in helping others achieve their full potential. In fact, once I accepted that I would never be a stand-out athlete, sports became a lot more fun. Now I play golf with a score that rarely is below 100. But I have a great time sharing the morning with good friends as we play. (My good friends, by the way all shoot in the 70’s).

How Is Your Confidence, Really?

So let’s get together and find your strengths. Take the first step in creating your own Culture of Confidence®. I am so confident that I can help you, I will give you one hour of my time for free. All you have to do is contact me and we’ll set up a time to talk on the phone.

Many times we can get you on the right road in just that one hour, so what do you have to lose? Talk to you soon.

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