How Do You Find Your Happy?

Can You Find Your Happy?

A question people frequently ask me is how I can be so happy and have a positive attitude all the time.

The answer is that I have learned to appreciate the value of each day. Sounds too simple, doesn’t it?

That exemplifies why many people have not found their “happy.” Human beings tend to overcomplicate things. When we see a solution that is simple, we tend to believe it is not the correct solution. How can something as elusive as happiness be simple to achieve? It is.

Each Day Is A Gift

Start by accepting the fact that each day is a gift. There is no guarantee that you are going to wake up tomorrow morning. This could be the very last thing you read. Sound ominous? It isn’t. It is a fact. It is a fact that stares each of us in the face. You just never stop to think about it.

Everybody you know and love is going to die someday. Now these do not sound like happy thoughts, I know. But if you put all of that into perspective you should consider yourself fortunate to be alive today.

Try This

Try this. Let the first thought that you have each morning be “Thank you for this day.” I don’t care who you are thanking. It could be your God, your doctor, your spouse, your children, your partner, your dog or even yourself. That doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you start your day with a positive thought, a happy thought, a grateful thought and that puts you in a positive state of mind from the very beginning. Say it before you even get out of bed. As soon as your eyes open say, “Thank you for this day.”

How About A Root Canal

It is not important what you have scheduled that day. You could be having a root canal that day. It isn’t the events that are happening that day that you are being thankful for. It is the fact that you are alive. Isn’t that something to be happy about? I certainly think it is.

Don’t focus on the particulars that lie ahead of you that day. Focus on the fact that you have the opportunity to exist for another day. You have another day to right wrongs, grow smarter and stronger, love and be loved and just be happy. The powers that be in the universe have given you another chance to enjoy life.

It Is Pretty Simple

What you do with that day and how you spend it are subjects for a different post. I will write about that later. Just start by being thankful that you have this day. If you can do that you are on a short path to finding your “happy.” It really is pretty simple.