How To Deal With The Holiday Crush

Feeling The Holiday Crush?

Many people are feeling overworked and undervalued at this time of year. It is not uncommon. One of the factors that contributes to that feeling is the holiday crush.

Not only do you have the usual task associated with your job, you are saddled with the responsibilities of making sure your friends and loved ones know how much you appreciate them.

Then through in those things that only come up at work during the holidays and you can feel like the world is coming down on you. This is exactly when you need to carve out a few moments for yourself.

Is Everybody Going Nuts?

Everyone you come in contact with is telling you how busy they are, how stressed they are and how behind schedule they are. Suddenly you feel the same way. The chaos that others are experiencing is actually rubbing off on you.

Get away from it all for about 30 minutes. Find a place, either at home or at work where you can be alone. Don’t go with a friend for a chat. That friend is probably as stressed as you are right now. They probably want to talk about how they are overworked and undervalued. What you need is an escape from it all.

Clear Your Mind

When you find your place of solitude put everything out of your mind. Think of something, person or place of value and pleasure in your life. Don’t think about gifts, work, or even holiday parties.

What nice thing has someone done for you recently? What good meal have you enjoyed? What is happening on your favorite TV show?

Don’t Feel Overworked and Undervalued

Feeling overworked and undervalued is common at this time of year. The holiday crush can’t be avoided. It can only be managed.

Keep in mind that you are not doing yourself, your employer or your friends and family any good when you get frazzled. Your performance, productivity and personal satisfaction all suffer.

Take this 30 minutes and devote it to you. Slow your mind. Slow your pace. It will help you navigate this season and come out of it with happiness, health, wisdom and wealth, well some wealth anyway, after shopping.