How to Overcome Being Overworked

Being Overworked Is Avoidable

Being overworked is becoming more common in this economic environment. One of the reasons is the labor market is pretty tight right now and employers are having a difficult time hiring more qualified people.

That puts pressure on management to accomplish the task with the same number of employees. And further still, some companies are just beginning to reap the benefits of the upturn in the economy and aren’t ready to spend the little extra cash on hiring more people.

Management Problems

The truth is those management problems are often passed on in the way of overworking the employees that are currently on the job.

True, many hourly employees look forward to a little overtime. That can boost your bank account, especially around the holidays. But being overworked eventually takes a toll. And you, the person being overworked, is the one who pays the price.


So what can you do about it? There are a number of solutions. You have to give your course of action some thought.

One of the things I recommend to my coaching clients is to see if there is a written job description for your position? In some companies there is an actual written description of what that job entails. It lists the duties, responsibilities and expectations.

Where Is It?

The problem is, it may be years since anyone has looked at it. It may still be used in hiring but it quickly gets pushed aside by the day-today activities that have crept onto the position.

If you can find such a document, compare it to what you are actually doing. Do your activities mirror what is in the description?

Maybe there is no written description, then take the time to make a list of just what you are expected to do. Spend some time on this list. Be thorough. Your health and future peace of mind depend on it.

Information is Power

Information is power. Having this information, the correct information is going to help you address being overworked with your boss in a professional and helpful manner. In my next installment we’ll discuss how to have that conversation. Right now, get this project completed.