Thin Skinned Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents and Thin Skin

Recently I read an article that stated that one of the major reasons people quit their job as a real estate agents is that they have thin skin.

I found that to be an interesting observation.

The Many Problems

Real estate agents deal with all sorts of problems in their jobs. They range from slumping markets, difficult finances, regulations and lawyers to being overworked.

So how does having a thin skin play into the equation?

What Is Thin Skinned?

Having a thin skin generally means a tendency to get easily upset or offended by the things other people say or do.

Sure there are real estate agents who may be sensitive to such things but it is not limited to real estate agents.

Are You Offended?

Being upset or offended by things people say or do is a natural phenomenon. No one wants to be insulted or disparaged. We all want to be respected and dealt with honestly and ethically.

If you find yourself in the category that some may called thin skinned, please consider this.

Rejection Is Optional

Rejection is something that you have to reach out and take. There are individuals who are prone to making rude remarks to or about other people. That is their deficiency, not yours. I once saw a meme that said, “What other people think of me is none of my business.” How true that is.

Avoid the tendency to think that the judgment of others is important to you or your success. I know I suffered from that for years. I would be concerned when some person made a comment or remark that was disparaging. What I came to learn was that most of those people were actually jealous of my success.

Love Your Haters

One of the ways you know you are becoming successful is that you suddenly have “haters.”

Think about it. When the haters are trying to tear you down, they are simply pointing out that in their mind you have passed them up. They are saying things to you or about you to shake your confidence and hold you back.

Being a real estate agent is hard work. Getting listings, showing homes, being on call at all times and having the uncertainty of no regular salary can wear on you. But never let a disparaging or discouraging word uttered by another keep you from fulling your dream.