Confidence Counts

Have Confidence In Yourself First

It is difficult to see yourself as others see you. Having confidence that you are really as good as people tell you is something that has to be developed. It is part of creating a Culture of Confidence®.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Self-realization may be one of life’s biggest challenges. I know. I have been a public speaker almost all of my life. I have been a radio personality and trial lawyer. People frequently compliment me on my voice. The thing is, I don’t hear it as anything special. I am confident that others think I have a great voice. I am grateful for that. But I don’t hear what they hear.

That is why being confident can be a problem. You have to work to develop it. We have a tendency to be our biggest critics. That is because we know our real flaws. Those are the things we know about ourselves that we hope others never discover.

A Fraud?

There are those hidden defects that only we know about. Those are the ones that are really holding us back. Because we are afraid that at any moment we will be discovered as frauds. When we think that way it is difficult to be confident.

I have tried over 200 jury trials and have achieved remarkable results. I have had some remarkable victories. For the longest time I was unable to accept the fact that I was damned good at being a trial lawyer.

I work everyday to be confident in my abilities. Not because I suffer from rampant insecurities. I am confident in my abilities because I see my accomplishments. I do not look at the things where I did not excel. I look at the things I have done that others were unable.

Confidence, not Arrogance

We all have those things. Being confident is not being arrogant. It is recognizing our strengths and building on them. We can’t be everything to everybody.

Be confident that you are unique. No other person on this earth can bring the skills, knowledge and experience you have to the table. Learn how to use the talents you have and you will feel your confidence build.

Start today to assess yourself objectively. You have come this far being just who you are. Those insecurities you have are unfounded.

Others don’t see those hidden flaws because they are imagined. You have created them as roadblocks to your success. Step up and reach out. Realize that you are a unique individual. You hold the keys to your success. Instead of focusing on your hidden and imagined defects, focus on your hidden and very real talents. Be confident that the world is waiting for your input.

How is Your Culture of Confidence?

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