Confidence in the Outcome Counts

Confidence Can Control the Result

The fact that a person has very little confidence in the positive outcome of an event has a great deal to do with the outcome of that event. That statement seems evident and at the same time I encounter people almost every day who are predicting the negative results of an endeavor before they even start.

Let me tell you about a good friend of mine. He and I have been close for quite a few years. Candidly, our relationship is so close that I would not undertake coaching him. I could not be objective. He says he has learned a lot from me, just by watching and listening to me. Watching and listening to him makes me wonder where he would be if that were not the case.

Have the Correct Confidence

To say he lacks confidence is inaccurate. He has plenty of confidence. However, he is confident in the negative. His confidence is that things are going to go wrong. I am not kidding, here. If he is presented with an idea or a concept or a strategy, his first response is express what can go wrong or why it is not a good idea.

I have learned not to argue with him. I just let an idea sink in for a while before coming back to it. It is just his natural first response. It is not just with me, either. I see him interact with others in his place of business and even with his family. When confronted with the unknown, he resists.

Who Do You Know?

Ask yourself if you know anybody like this. The world is filled with negative people and negative forces. Overcoming them is an exercise in frustration.

This is another reason why business leaders and entrepreneurs should establish a Culture of Confidence™ in their organizations. People with the attitude of my friend have a direct and immediate debilitating impact on those around them.

Predict Success, Not Failure

Every organization needs people who “test” the theories and ideas that are proposed. But these challenges should not start out with a negative prediction that they will fail. That skews the results.

Rather than looking at the new idea with confidence in its success, people like my friend look for reasons it will fail. And when they do this they are predicting the result they want. It has a direct affect on the success of the venture. Henry Ford said it quite well, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

It takes confidence to try new things. People who have that confidence are more decisive and productive. They get more done because they are people of action.

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