Energize Your Career

Fear Can Ruin Your Career

In late February I had the pleasure of speaking to the Texas Hill Country Chapter of the Meeting Professionals International in Austin, Texas. The opportunity was made even better in that it came right before the National Speakers Association Winter meeting. The title of my speech was “Live Beyond Fear, Energize Your Career.”

Here are some excerpts.

The meeting had about 60 people in attendance. The Meeting Professionals are people who have dedicated their careers to making sure people have a good time and enjoy their meetings or conference. They are responsible for the education and entertainment of thousands of people across the world each day.

This showcase was particularly important because these are the people who select speakers for events. I was honored to be invited.

Fear in the workplace is a factor that is often overlooked by business owners. It is a costly problem that should be addressed but is many times ignored. It isn’t always ignored intentionally. Many managers do not even realize that it exists. But your career and the careers of those around you can suffer because of this oversight.

Is your career suffering? What would you be willing to do to enhance your career?

You are going to spend more than a third of each waking day at your job. Are you getting the satisfaction from it that you expect? Let me show you how to build a strong foundation for your career success.

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I am here to help you in your career.