Being An Entrepreneur Can Be Lonely

The Lonely Entrepreneur Life

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely experience. The Harvard Business Review alluded to this in a story it ran on CEO’s. You have come up with an idea for a successful service or product. Most of the time you have arrived at this idea after months, if not years of thinking about it. And most of that thinking is done in solitude.

You might eventually mention your idea to your closest confidant. You know this will work. Even then you find resistance. That doesn’t stop you. Your role as an entrepreneur is to bring your idea to life.

One of the common complaints about being an entrepreneur is that feeling of being out there by yourself. You feel isolated. You feel that you might be the only one who understands why your company is going to succeed.

Friends and Family

Your friends and family cheer you on. They are supportive in varying degrees. You still don’t feel that you can really discuss your concerns with them. They want you to be a success. Because you are an entrepreneur you have a risk-taker’s attitude about things. They do not.

That can all result in a feeling that you are out there alone. That is where a coach comes in for the entrepreneur. The reason coaching has become so dominant is that there are more entrepreneurs in today’s economy. And the successful ones realize that using a coach is the smart move.

Why is it smart to have a coach?

A coach is not a payroll item. They are not employees. There is no withholding, social security tax or payroll forms.

My coaching services require no long-term contract. If I am serving your needs, you will want to keep me on until you get back on track.

Coaching is confidential. When you share your concerns with your friends they are almost certain to tell someone else. That is, sadly, just the nature of mankind. As a licensed attorney, I understand confidentiality.

You can reach out to me at any time. My clients understand that need to have an outside voice to help them in the entrepreneur’s journey. Turn that lonely feeling into one of collaboration and see where your dream can take you.

It won’t cost you a thing to talk to me.