Better Patient Loyalty for Chiropractors

Here is how you build better patient loyalty

Better patient loyalty is something that you want to work on if you are going to achieve exceptional results in your chiropractic office. And the reality is that better patient loyalty is one of the easiest things to achieve.

Think about this. Your patient came to you for help. They were in pain and probably distress. What better time to start building a relationship with a person. They are showing you their vulnerability. Do not take advantage of that, but instead, build upon that.

We have all had a time in our life when we were in distress and someone came to our rescue. Remember how grateful you were to that person? Remember all of the nice thoughts you had about that person. That is how better patient loyalty begins.

In You They Trust

That individual sitting on your examining table is looking to you, putting their trust in you, to help them get out of this uncomfortable and disabling situation.

Do you remember the story of the lion that had a thorn in its paw? In the story Androclus, a runaway Roman slave, goes into a cave to hide. There is a lion in there with a thorn in his paw. Androclus removes the thorn and wins the gratitude of the lion. It does not do Androclus any harm.

You Can Build Better Patient Loyalty

When Androclus returns to Rome he is condemned to be slaughtered by wild beats. In the arena the most imposing of the beasts is the same lion from earlier in the story. He shows his appreciation and affection for Androclus by not making a meal of him.

Well, in that story everybody lives happily ever after. You can, too. You can be the Androclus your patients were looking for. And when you become that person you are on the way to establishing better patient loyalty.

It is that gift that will take your practice to new heights. Your cost of acquisition for new patients gets smaller and smaller because you have an entire cadre of former patients out there on your marketing team.

Here Is Your Opportunity

If you are in doubt about how to achieve better patient loyalty contact me. I am willing to spend an hour with you discussing your current plan and evaluating what it is you are doing right and what we might want to change. It is free. I won’t charge you for the session because I know if I take the thorn from your paw, someday you may return the favor. That is how I build better patient loyalty.