Business Coach Ideas

Business Coach and Goals

The job of a business coach is to help business owners define and then achieve their goals. Because of that I am always working with my clients to help them focus on what it is they really want to accomplish.

One of the important aspects of success is effort. I know that seems rudimentary. You would be surprised how many business owners do not really understand what that means.

Just wishing for something to happen is not going to make it so. You have to keep moving in the direction of the goal or you are going to either get lost or lose ground.

Business Coach Benefit

When you work with a business coach you get the added benefit of having someone to remind you of where you are headed and why you started out for that destination.

What got me started on this today was my recent experience on Linkedin.

Let me give you some insight on building your network on Linkedin.

Your first concern should be your profile. Does it clearly state what it is you do? People are only going to glance at your profile for a moment. There are only going to be a few words that catch their eyes. So what does it say about you?

Make Your Profile Stand Out

All those words in the lower parts of your profile are meaningless unless you can catch their attention in the first few seconds. So think very hard about what you want in your headline. Then blurt it out.

Decide where you want to gather influence. Is it an industry, a market segment, or maybe some large corporation?

Search and Connect

Let’s say you are a business coach. What group of people, segment of the business world or corporation would help you grow your business? Say you are in an area where a large corporation is a dominant employer and that corporation does a lot of business with small businesses in the area.

Do a “people” search for those who work for the corporation and then start sending out invitations to connect. Start with people who are at mid level or below in the company. They are more likely to connect with you than the CEO.

Always Include a Message

Never send a connection request without adding a message. Be brief and say something that lets the person know you have actually read their profile.

Do at least five requests a day. It will take some time but before long your connections will grow.

And my last piece of business coach advice for this article is, don’t say that you are looking for new opportunities and then not check in regularly on Linkedin. If you are only checking Linkedin once a week, you aren’t really serious about building your business connections.

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