Can Coaching Help Me In Business?

Coaching Helps Avoid Costly Mistakes

It still surprises me when business people do not know about coaching. It surprises me because coaching helps the entrepreneur find solutions. And in a world where there is very little room for error, you would think that everybody at least knows what coaching is about. But they don’t.

What Coaching Isn’t!

Business coaching is not about therapy or how your mother treated you. It is about forming a sort of partnership where the coach helps you find your own answers to the challenges that you are facing in your business. Coaching is not a focus on problems. It is a focus on solutions.

There are so many things you, as a business owner, have competing for your attention that suddenly you can find yourself surrounded by what you see as problems. That is one very important place where coaching can help.

How Coaching Works for You

When I start to work with a business, the first thing we do is talk about where the business owner wants his or her business to be in five years. If you are not thinking five years down the road, you are not taking your business seriously enough.If you are just thinking short-term. you are setting yourself up for failure. You have to believe that you are going to be in the game for the long haul.

Once we get a clear vision of what the future will hold, we work together to help you come up with the plan as to how you are going to get there. Coaching does not provide you with the plan. It provides you with the tools to create your own plan. We work together, usually on a weekly basis, by telephone. In each session we go over the progress you made in the previous week and work out a program to move you forward in the next week. This is a proven method that is widely used. The CEO’s of major corporations use coaching as a critical tool.

Reach Out

If you really want you business to be a success you need to focus your attention and resources on things that count. There are still people out there who do not understand what coaching can do. Now, you are not one of them. Learn more about how to find the right solutions for the business challenges you are facing. . Contact me and I will spend up to an hour with you, going over your plan for your future and it won’t cost you a thing.