Chiropractor Sexual Allegations

Coach or Attorney-Not Both

Being a coach to Chiropractors really does not have anything to do with my being a licensed attorney. I do not mix the two roles. I certainly call on my expertise in legal matters as a coach. On the other hand, the situation has arisen where I have represented chiropractors in criminal or other legal matters. Too many times it has been because of chiropractor sexual allegations.

But as a coach I do not give specific legal advice. So with that understood I have to comment on something that sometimes comes up. That is the allegations of sexual misconduct by a chiropractor and a patient.

Just today in my news feed there were three articles about chiropractors losing their licenses because of allegations they inappropriately touched their patients. Each of the former doctors was male. That does not mean you are off the hook if you are female.

It Can Be Dangerous

You see there is a danger anytime a person of one gender is alone with one of another gender and there is physical contact being made. It is a sad realization that there are people out there who will say anything to get over on another person.

Now do not get me wrong, here. If a doctor is truly touching a patient in an inappropriate way, that is wrong. It should not be allowed. Ever. And it should carry with it an appropriate punishment.

There are two scenarios to consider.

The first is that there is a legitimate misunderstanding by the patient of what actually took place. That can happen.

The other situation is when a patient, for whatever reason, makes up an allegation. That, too, can happen.

Use Protection

The best way to protect yourself is not to put yourself in a situation where you are alone with a patient in a way or place that leaves you open to false allegations. Do you need to be in a closed room? If so, why not have another person with you? I know there is an expense involved in that, or at least a situation of taking an employee away from another task, but it is worth it.

All you need is one bad allegation of sexual misconduct to ruin your dream of a wonderful profession helping people to a healthier life.

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