Chiropractors Have Gremlins, Too

Chiropractors, Dreamers and You

Being in the health care profession comes with challenges. Most chiropractors start with a dream. They see a need and know that chiropractic is the solution. Somewhere along the line you commit yourself to helping people become and stay healthy.

And like most people you have a dream for your personal life. You may want a family, kids, a nice house to call home and maybe a yard to mow in your spare time. Okay, I don’t know about that last one.

You attend a prestigious college and get your degree and ultimately your license. And then suddenly, you hear that little voice. You know which one I mean.

Chiropractors Hearing Voices?

It is that voice that questions whether you have made the right choice. I call that voice your Gremlin.

It is that voice that tells you that you are not good enough. It is that voice that questions your abilities, your education, your values.

If you start listening to that voice you begin to believe it. Your Gremlin is telling you a story. In that story, you are not the hero, you are the one who loses out to others. Stories are powerful. And the most powerful story is the one you tell yourself.

Wouldn’t You Like To Silence Your Gremlin?

You should not feel alone. Everybody encounters their Gremlin at some time in their life.  You need to learn how to silence your Gremlin. In fact, your Gremlin can be so powerful that right now it is telling you not to believe what you are reading about Gremlins.

As a chiropractor, you face the same sort of resistance from some of your patients. You know that what you are telling them will help. But they are not believing you. It is common.

I coach enterprising chiropractors who want to develop exceptional practices.  The topic of Gremlins comes up often. That is because it is so frequent in the professional world and chiropractors are no exception.

If you would be open to a conversation about how I can help you develop an exceptional career as a chiropractor, contact. The call is absolutely free.