Chiropractors Should Market Their Strengths

Chiropractors Need Many Skills

Chiropractors need to have a wide array of skills if they want to develop a financially successful practice. It isn’t enough to be a great doctor. You have to be an office manager, also. Now in an earlier post I wrote about learning to delegate. That is a subject you will hear me talk about frequently.

In this post I want to touch on marketing. As a chiropractor, you are not only competing with others in your profession, you are competing with a host of other healers. Of course, there are the M.D.s.

Chiropractors versus MD’s

This is a struggle that has been faced by chiropractors since the beginning. Do not let that deter you. Your marketing efforts need to include helpful information letting prospective patients understand why it is better to come to a chiropractor for certain maladies.

Medical practitioners are feeling the squeeze and so are their patients. The confusion in the insurance industry is causing patients to seek alternatives to the treatment they are receiving from the medical field.

Pill Pushing Leads to Pill Popping

Prescription drugs are getting more expensive, insurance co-pays are going up and many people can no longer afford them.

Then there is the problem with opioid addiction. How did that happen? Because big pharma and the medical profession ignored the potential harm of these drugs on their way to huge profits from pushing them on their patients.

The over prescription of these drugs has caused damage to individuals and communities that will not be erased for a generation. As a chiropractor you offer a method of treatment that is becoming more and more attractive.

The Iron is Hot

Now, more than ever, is your time. The general public has never been more aware of the dangers that lurk with prescription drugs. Chiropractors need to incorporate that message into their marketing to let people know there is a reasonable alternative to their health care problems.

Many people are beginning to lose faith in the traditional MD profession. They need you but often don’t understand why. Your marketing as a chiropractor has to educate and inform.

I work with enterprising chiropractors to help them develop exceptional practices. If you would like to discuss how you can achieve exceptional results in your practice, contact me.