Clean Your Contacts List

Clean Your Contacts

One of the best things you can do to increase your efficiency is clean your contacts list. There is no sense in having people on your list who are not engaging with you. It keeps you open rate down and it can even increase your CRM costs.

Most CRM’s and mail services have a system of charging you by the number of emails you send out or the number of contacts on your list. If you regularly clean your contacts list you are going to avoid incurring those extra charges. Over the course of time that can add up.

Do It Often

One of the reasons people do not clean their contacts list is that they put it off to another day. Hey, it isn’t fun. I spent some time over the weekend working on mine. Right now I am using Infusionsoft as my CRM. It is a very powerful program but it is also expensive. I liken it to a smartphone. It has the capacity to do a lot. I am just not sure I can use all that it does. I suggest you shop around and carefully explore a number of CRM programs before you decide on the right one.

Too Much Information

Information is a wonderful thing to have.But just like all of those books in the photo, too much information can overwhelm you. It would take too much time to read all of those books. And if you fail to clean your contacts list you are going to end up having too much in the way of useless contacts. I look through my contacts lists and check to see who does or does not open my newsletters. If one of my contacts has never opened an email from me for the past year, I can safely say they are not interested. In fact, I send out an email every so often that asks people if they want to be on my email list. If they don’t even bother to open that one, I certainly take them off my list.

Clean Contacts Lists are Valuable

You may use your contacts list for newsletters, birthday greetings or other types of outreach. If you look on your list and are not sure why you have someone on it, clean them off. Unless you are doing massive online sales and marketing a big list doesn’t do anything for you except give you a misguided sense of importance. I would rather have 100 hot contacts than 1000 contacts who never interact with me.

What is your experience with contact lists? I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to have a conversation about how to best manage or clean your contact list, contact me. I’ll spend up to an hour on the phone with you discussing how you can achieve exceptional results in your business.