Confidence Comes With Practice

Develop Confidence

On the opposite ends of the spectrum of your potential for success are totally opposite things. On one end is fear and on the other end is confidence. And the more you can learn to live beyond fear the more you can enjoy the confidence that you are entitled to. “Living beyond fear: is a saying you should commit to memory.

Discover Confidence

Confidence doesn’t always come easy, though. For some of us it is a struggle. I know I struggled to find mine for years. And when I would find it in one area, I would discover another area that needed work. Then, one day I looked around and realized that I was confident I could be confident about almost anything. Wow, what a day that was.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Well, I hope you said yes. That shows some confidence already.

There are some simple things that you can apply to your daily life that will help you kick start your journey to confidence. And I am confident that they work.

A Helpful Video

First take a look at this clip on esteem building and increasing confidence.

First of all, check your attitude. This takes a little introspection and a lot of honesty. Courage is also helpful. Hey, I didn’t say this was going to be easy. I know it will work. I know you can have confidence, but you have to work for it.

What Are Your Talents?

So, what do you think about yourself? What are your talents? What are your strengths? Make a list of them. My guess is you spend a lot of time telling yourself your shortcomings. How about telling yourself how great you really are? Telling yourself how good you are is not like telling others.

You have some very good skills. They may not be the same ones that others have, in fact, they probably aren’t. But learn your positive traits and skills. If you are having problems here, you could take a look at my 6 Pillars of Personal Power CD. You can find it here on my website.

Self-knowledge is a big stepping stone to gaining confidence. For one thing, it helps direct you toward the things you are good at and guides you away from your weak areas. I know if I had to spend my life in an environment where I had to do complex math problems, my confidence would be damaged. If it weren’t for accounting software, I could not keep my checkbook balanced.

Want To Know More?

Finding your strengths and talents is the first step in gaining the confidence you need to move forward. I’ll tell you more later.

I work exclusively with organizations that want their people to be self-assured, decisive and productive. I work only with individuals whoare committed to overcoming their fears and becoming the confident, successful person they know that should be.

If you would be open to a conversation about working with me, contact me. There is no obligation. Is it worth an hour of your time to find out all that you can accomplish?