Confidence Is The Foundation Of Success

Confidence Comes First

There is no getting around it. Confidence is the thing that serves as the bedrock of success. It is that quality that is needed in order to take on a challenge with the right attitude.

Imagine a long line. That is what I call the spectrum of your potential for success.

Confidence vs Fear

On one end is fear and on the other end is confidence. They are in constant competition for your attention.

The more you are in fear of a negative outcome, the less confident you are. The less confident you are the less likely you are to take a chance. And like it or not, there is always a risk in attempting to be successful.

It Can Be a Struggle

Confidence doesn’t always come easy, though. For some of us it is a struggle.

I struggled for years to find my confidence. But once I found it, I became unstoppable. You can, too.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Well, I hope you said yes. That shows some confidence already.

You might wonder where to start. Take a look at your overall attitude. Is it an attitude of obligation or an attitude of opportunity. I call this having an opportunity outlook.

It Is Inventory Time

Take an inventory of your strengths and talents. Do not focus on what you wish you could do. Focus on those things you can do. That is where to start.

Make a list of them. My guess is you spend a lot of time telling yourself your shortcomings. How about telling yourself how great you really are? Telling yourself how good you are is not like telling others.

Beware of Potholes

You have some very good skills, but you are looking for the potholes in the road instead of appreciating the smooth pavement.

Finding your strengths and talents is the first step in developing your confidence.

If you would be open to a conversation about how I can help you develop the confidence ou know you want to have, contact me. I offer a free, no obligation call to anyone who thinks they want to become more confident.