Confidence to Go After Your Dreams

Confidence in the Dream

You have the power within you to cultivate the confidence it takes to be able to achieve whatever you want in life. But having the confidence alone is not enough. You need to know about and understand confidence.

In order to pursue your dreams, it is important to have a clear idea of what they are. Only when you can define your dreams will your passion ignite. And once your passion is burning bright you will be compelled to develop the confidence required to achieve those dreams.

The best way to do this is to visualize what your dreams are.

Let’s take a look a some of the very basics. Let’s make you confident you are going to succeed. So let’s look down the road and into the future.

Who will be living with you? An important part of the future you crave will likely involve others. When you imagine your dream life, who else do you include in the picture? The better you can visualize the people you want near you, the more you will beef up your confidence level.

What will you be doing when your dreams come true? Think about what you want in life. This is a brilliant exercise because it will help you live in such a way that your dream will eventually materialize. Visualize in specific detail just what it is you will be doing. How you will be spending your time, what method of transportation will you use to get around, how you will dress?

Which career will you be working in? Now you are getting to some real specifics about what you want in life. How will you earn the money to live the dream existence?

Maybe you will be an artist in an exotic city, living in a small apartment with a separate room you use as your art studio. Or maybe you plan on become a traveling salesperson where you occasionally venture out of the country to contact potential customers. Perhaps you hope to open your own small business in the town where you can walk to work. What will your job environment look like? The clearer you make these visualizations the more likely you are to achieve them. Your mind is a powerful force.

Where will you be living? As you progress through answering these questions, you can see how your dreams are materializing. You actually visualize the realities that you are going to create.

So where will it be? An apartment in the big city for a farmhouse in the country? Where is it you really want to live? Picture it carefully because you can live there. Picture it often enough, with enough confidence and you will live there.

Visualizing is just a beginning of your road to confidence. Practice this for a while. Write these visions down on paper or put them in your digital notebook. Read them daily. This is your future you are planning. Remember that you are where you are right now because of every choice you have made in your life up to this minute. You cannot escape that reality. But you can determine your future using the same methods that got you here, just use them wisely.

I will have more on the subject of confidence in upcoming posts. If you have not looked a my 6 Pillars of Personal Power CD, do it now. You owe it to yourself to explore them. I have the confidence that you can make this happen.

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