Consistency Counts

Consistency Is Elusive

My watchword for this year is consistency. The main reason I chose this word is because I find it difficult to be consistent. I can burn so hot, work so hard and get so much done in short bursts. Then I get distracted. You see, I have been A. D. D. long before it was a thing.

As I look back on my early years through the lens of our current knowledge on the subject it is easy to diagnose me. But then I was just a boy who did not pay enough attention in class. Or, as the nuns always put on my report card, I “didn’t apply myself.”

All my teachers told my parents I could make better grades if I just worked harder. I was smart, they claimed. But I could do better.

Strange Happenings

Then one of the strangest moments in my childhood years took place. In fourth or fifth grade we took a standard IQ test. When the results came in my parents and I were summoned to the Principle’s office. The test results said I had an IQ of 141. Rather than commend me, the nun wanted me to tell her how I cheated.

So much for applying myself.

But I digress, which is what frequently happens if I get distracted. And for people with A. D. D. it is easy to get distracted.

My Mantra

That is why I have chosen the word consistency as my mantra for this year. If I focus on the word consistency, I will stay aware that there are things I must do, well, consistently.

I encourage you to think about your consistency this year. It has been a difficult year for businesses big and small. It has been necessary to adapt, to pivot to re-invent. That takes effort. It takes consistency in effort. Take a moment and examine what it is that has brought you this far. That is where you need to focus your efforts. And you need to do it consistently.

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