Don’t Listen To Your Gremlin

Your Gremlin Is A Liar

In a recent post I wrote about Gremlins impact even chiropractors. A Gremlin is that little voice that tells you that you are not going to succeed. We all have them Learning to silence them is a life-long endeavor. It can be done. But you cannot let your guard down.

I know I can hear my Gremlin pop up every now and then. The trick is to be able to immediately recognize what it is. If you fully understand what is happening, you can get by the temptation to say to your Gremlin, “You might be right.”

I Practice What I Preach

Recently I came up with a new idea for marketing my business. I am always working on expanding my reach. It is something I preach to my coaching clients. Why shouldn’t I employ the same winning strategy for my business?

I do.

I was working with a chiropractor the other day and we were investigating what it was he really wanted to accomplish. Why was he a chiropractor? When he went to school, what did he see in the future?

But My Gremlin Tells Me …

Not everybody who completes chiropractor college is destined to spend the rest of their lives as a chiropractor. He was wrestling with this as we worked on his “who am I?” plan.

When we were through I was remembering how and when I decided that I did not have to spend my entire adult life as an attorney. I am smart, educated, hard-working and adventuresome. That is what got me started as a coach. I went to school and became a Certified Professional Coach.

I didn’t know then that it would lead to me also having a career as a professional speaker. And as I work to develop and expand each of those spokes of my enterprises I sometimes hear that voice telling me that I can’t do it. That is when I fall back on the training I received as a coach and recognize that those negative thoughts are coming from my Gremlin. It takes some of the right education and training to do that which is what I do when I coach my chiropractor clients.

Are You Ready?

If you are an enterprising chiropractor ready to expand your comfort zone and develop an exceptional practice, contact me. If you are simply open to a conversation about it, I will be glad to discuss with you how I can help you.