Maximize Your Employee Productivity

Workplace Fear Damages Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is crucial to the success of your business. Confidence in the workplace is not a given in any organization. Whether you have a few employees or many, the confidence level is going to be different for each one. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a staff full of confident people who took action, made good decisions and performed their jobs without close supervision? Every boss hopes for this. Not every boss has it, though. And when it is missing employee productivity suffers.

Take a long look at your employees. Are they performing at their best? If not, why not? There is a phenomenon occurring with your employees that has to be addressed but is often not even noticed. It is called the workplace fear factor.

You see your employees are more than just their jobs. They are complex creatures that bring many things to the workplace every day. One of those things is fear. And that fear causes them to be distracted and unproductive. If you can maximize that employee productivity you are going to see your business soar.

Workplace fear can be as a result of many things and most of them are only imagined fears. We all have fears. It is only natural. Fear is what protects us. But fear can also debilitate us.

What you want is a workforce that is confident and productive. You can’t have that, though, if your employees are suffering from fear. Fear and confidence are on the opposite ends of the spectrum of success. Fear has an adverse effect on performance, productivity and personal satisfaction. And those three things go hand-in-hand. By thinking about employee productivity you become aware of how the concept of workplace fear begins to affect it.

The better your employees perform their jobs the more productive they will be. And when your employees are productive their personal satisfaction goes up. And, interestingly, when a person has what I call personal satisfaction, their performance increases.

Confident people get more done. It is a fact. And they are happier than others. But confidence in the workplace is a factor of many things. Fear is one of the main things.

Employees always have their job security in the back of their minds. And there are so many things that impact on that sense of insecurity. The economy, the fiscal health of the company or even the fear of an upcoming review can all play into worry. And worry is just a form of fear. It is looking at a future event and predicting a bad outcome. It is a choice that people make. However, the more they worry, the more they worry.

As an employer you owe it to yourself to at least investigate the fear factor at your workplace. I can help you do that. Contact me. If you are open to a conversation about how you can address the issue of the workplace fear factor, I would love to talk with you. Let me help you maximize your employee productivity.