Great Story Told In An Excellent Fashion

Tell A Great Story

Being a storyteller is something that I have practiced for many years. In fact I can’t remember when I wasn’t crafting a set of facts into a great story. Facts tell, stories sell. Each day I scour the Internet for another great story. And today I found this one about Wimpy Burgers.

Telling a great story about your product or service is the quickest way to work your way into the memories of your current or potential clients. People love a great story.

Stories all have a certain formula. If you learn that formula you can make a great story out of just about any set of facts. In fact, here is a fact. When people are in a presentation and they are confronted with a lot of facts, their minds actually shut down without them knowing it. But if you can wave those facts into a story that touches them, they will remember it far longer with far more detail.

People are bombarded with information on a daily basis at an incredible speed. The mind resists overload. It craves entertainment. A great story causes the mind to release the same pleasurable chemicals that are released when a person has a good workout or other pleasurable experience. Who doesn’t want to remember a pleasurable experience.

When you talk to people in story form it speaks to their very first lessons in learning. In every culture there is a tradition of storytelling. So it is only natural that stories are going to be remembered.

Setting yourself apart from the competition is key to capturing your share of the market place. It is not enough just to have a great product. You also need to have a great story.

Sit down now and think about the journey that has brought you and your business to where it is. Now craft that into a great story and watch the results. Then come back here and tell the rest of us your story.