How To Create Confidence in Your Employees

A Culture of Confidence™

If your employees have confidence that you have confidence in them, you are on your way to creating a Culture of Confidence™ for your business. Productivity and profits are not far behind. As an entrepreneur coach I work with businesses and organizations that want their people to be confident, decisive and productive. Often they don’t know how to reach those goals. Once a business owner understands the importance of employee confidence the goal to achieve it becomes paramount.

Employee Confidence

If you do not have a Culture of Confidence™ in your business you are not getting the best from your employees. Most people who take a job want to succeed at it. When you hire someone you make a determination that, at that place in time, they are right for the job. Your goal, as well as that of the new-hire is to have a successful outcome for both of you. Your responsibility as an employer is to give your employees the determination they need to accomplish the tasks you have assigned.

Employee Confidence in You

The first step on that journey is to make sure every employee knows that you value their service. Let them know that you respect the fact that they are willing to work toward accomplishing your goal. After all, it is your dream, not theirs. You may never be able to get them fully invested in your dream, but you certainly let them know what an important part they play in helping you achieve it. And don’t fool yourself. The job, no matter how small, is important to you in achieving your dream. If you don’t think it is important, then why are you hiring someone to do it?

Want a List?

There are countless articles on the Internet about steps you can take to build employee confidence. I thought this one was of value. All of the things mentioned in that article will help you build employee confidence. But keep in mind that the first step is to build an overall Culture of Confidence™ at your business by letting employees know, feel and understand that they are an integral part of the team. Make them confident that you appreciate them. Give them the confidence that you will stand by them so long as the give you their honest efforts.

It costs a lot to replace an employee. Spend some time putting a lot of thought into the hiring process. Then when you make the decision to hire, do it knowing that you have made the right choice.

I’ll Be Happy to Help

As an entrepreneur coach I work with organizations and businesses that want their people to be confident, decisive and productive. If you would be open to a conversation about what I can do for you and your company, contact me.