I am Serious About This


I am staying on the topic of not taking yourself too seriously. It is the enemy of confidence.

That type of thinking damages your confidence because you are in a constant state of judging your own behavior by some standard you imagine that others are applying to you.

The first thing you might want to consider is that most of the time other people are not thinking about you. They are thinking about themselves, just as you are doing.

What Can You Do?

Then consider the fact that there really is nothing you can do about what other people think about you. You can only control what you do about it.

Let me use golf as an example.

Through an odd set of circumstances I have been invited to be part of a group that regularly plays golf. These men are excellent golfers with very low handicaps. I suck at golf and have a handicap in the mid 20’s. That’s right.

Now if I took myself too seriously I would not be able to play with these guys. I would be embarrassed. I mean they are that good.

I don’t care and neither do they. We play together because we enjoy one another’s company. They don’t complain when I am hitting my 8th stroke on some hole and they are all about to sink their putts for a par 4.


If you take yourself too seriously you will never achieve the level of confidence that you are looking for.

I am confident in who I am. I am also confident that I will never beat these guys in a head-on golf game. And I don’t care.

I work with organizations that want their people to be self-assured, decisive and productive. I also work with individuals who, for one reason or another, are not living up to their full potential. I help them develop the confidence they need to achieve their goals.

I am Confident I can Help You

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