Looking For Opportunities Instead for Problems

Are You Looking For Opportunities?

Some people are always looking for opportunities. Others are always looking for problems. Both groups are adept at finding what they are looking for. You see, you find what you are looking for or you keep looking until you find it.

I have a friend I have known almost all of my adult life. He is the eternal pessimist. If you handed him a stack of hundred dollars bills he would immediately start looking through the stack for possible counterfeits. Another person I know was looking for a new job. He was on unemployment for quite a while. He had a bad work record and it was becoming more and more difficult for him to find a job. The longest stretch at a job in recent history had been about two years. He left that job with no prospects in mind. He just didn’t like the job anymore so he quit.

Seek And You Shall Find

Okay, I am no Biblical scholar. I can’t give you Chapter or verse on that thought but I can tell you that when you are looking for problems you are going to find problems. My friend who quit his job was unemployed for about 9 months when he was offered a job at a local company. He applied for the job. He knew what the job was when he made the application and he knew what it was when he asked me to give him a recommendation. I like the guy. I think he could do the job. But now he is looking for problems with the job before he begins when he should be looking for opportunities.

Try to Make It Better

He is already complaining about the pay structure and he hasn’t even spent a day on the job. He thinks he will have to work overtime and is worried about whether the health benefits will be cut off at some time in the future. He is looking for problems instead of looking for opportunities.

I submit to you that if he even starts the job, he won’t last. Why? Because he will be living in a world of self-fulfilling prophecies. He will look for every problem imaginable and when you look that hard you find them. What this person needs is to re-frame his belief system. He needs to believe that things are going to work out in his favor and they will. So long as he keep his current frame of mind he will continue to have a poor work record and a poor work prospect.

Start looking for opportunities. They are all around you.

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