Mistakes Help You Learn

There Are Mistakes Everywhere

Mistakes are a constant in life. Everybody makes them. They are a sign of progress. Making mistakes is how you grow. If you did everything right, you wouldn’t be learning a thing.

Think about it. Without mistakes you would never realize what you don’t know. Without mistakes to guide you, you could not ever be sure you were operating at full capacity.

One of My Mistakes

Let me tell you about at least one of my mistakes.

When I first got into the speaking business I wanted to speak about fear. I know that fear affects performance, productivity and personal satisfaction and all of that affects profits. That topic met with a lukewarm acceptance. People seemed to be uneasy about having me talk about fear.

Fear of Mistakes

What happened was that I became “fearful” that the subject of fear was not the right subject. I changed my course. In other words, I failed to follow my own advice. That is one of the mistakes a lot of us make. We can analyze a problem, see a suggested solution and be afraid to employ that solution. Why because we are afraid it will fail. All the while whatever it is we are doing is already failing. That is how powerful the fear is of making mistakes.

The funny thing about that was that I still kept using the message in my presentations. It is still the core of what I speak about. I have experienced fear on many different levels. I am not “fearless.” What I have been able to do is learn about how fear can play itself out in our lives. The quicker you are able to be able to recognize when fear is playing a part in your decisions, the quicker you will be able to take the steps to move past it.

Why I get Hired

Organizations, individuals and businesses hire me to learn how to achieve exceptional results. I take them towards that goal by teaching them how to live beyond fear. That was my original topic. And it still works. Because we have to be able to deal with our fears before we can achieve exceptional results. Whether I am hired as a speaker or a coach, I deliver the keys to how to make more of your career and personal life.

Learning from mistakes is valuable. It is how we grow. Not being afraid to make mistakes is critical.

I have tried through the course of my years in business to learn from my mistakes. I certainly am not afraid to make them. But fear is an insidious thing. It can mask itself in such a way we don’t realize we are affected by it.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From Succeeding

I help enterprising entrepreneurs achieve exceptional results. If you want to improve your performance, productivity and personal satisfaction and profit from your efforts, contact me. Don’t let not reaching out to me be governed by fear and don’t let it be one of your mistakes.