Opportunity Outlook

Opportunity Is Out There

If you have what I like to call an opportunity outlook you will suddenly find yourself with so many of them that it will start to seem overwhelming. That sounds crazy, I know. But it is true.

It is all a matter of perspective. How you choose to look at the world and the things around you limits or expands that world. It sounds too simple. It is simple. Unfortunately, the human mind is not willing to accept that the answers to problems can be simple. So, we complicate things unnecessarily. My focus with my coaching clients is achieving exceptional results. Rather than looking at what is wrong, we start by improving what is right.

Here is one perspective on the opportunity outlook.

Landmines or Opportunity?

Suppose I sent you out into a field and told you the field had landmines buried in it and that it was your job to get to the other side of the field. The only way you would be able to identify the landmines was by a small, pale-blue tag attached to each one. What would you be looking for? Landmines, I hope. Small blue tags would be the focal point of your efforts. You would have a laser focus on finding those landmines.

You would eventually get to the other side of the field without incident because there were no landmines there. And while you were so focused on the search for small, pale-blue tags, you would have probably not seen the small gold coins that were put in the field.

Look for the Opportunity

Life is a little bit like that. When you look for trouble, you overlook all of the opportunity that is right in front of you.. Ask yourself, “What opportunity do I have to succeed?” Too often the focus instead is on, “What is stopping me from succeeding?” There is a tendency to focus on the problems rather than the solution. As an entrepreneur coach I see this mindset way too often.

The difference is what I call the opportunity outlook. It seems so simple that most people reject it. But the truth is that each day is an opportunity for you to succeed. The biggest hurdle you have is within you. Instead of focusing on the problem you must focus on the opportunity.

As a speaker I inspire my audiences to do just that. Look around you. That event that looks like a road block can be the key to your success if you look for the opportunity it provides. As an entrepreneur coach I stress this outlook.

My Life Is  Treasure Hunt

Every day is a treasure hunt for me. I wake up knowing that there is an opportunity for me to live a richer, fuller and happier life awaiting me. I will only find it if I search for the opportunity, not the obstacle. Sure, not everyday if a day at the park. I don’t always hit a home run.I am always looking for an opportunity to be of service. I like learning and spreading the word on how to succeed. I ran across this article that might be of use to you.

Please take the opportunity to share this with others and leave a comment. Your opportunity to make a difference is right before your eyes.