Steam Room Confidence

Confidence is Developed

A man in the steam room at the gym asked me what I spoke about. I told him that I work with organizations that want their people to be confident, decisive and productive. I speak about creating a Culture of Confidence™.

He asked me to expand on that so I did.

Someone Was Listening

While we were talking I noticed a man sitting nearby listening to us. He seemed interested, so I went on.

I explained to my friend that there is always a culture that develops in a business. This culture can be created intentionally, or it can happen serendipitously. Eventually it becomes almost like a corporate personality.

Culturally Speaking

A culture is nothing more than the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. These shared attitudes and values have an impact on every person in the organization. That is why it is so important. That culture becomes the standard by which people operate within the organization.

I went on to tell my friend that by creating a Culture of Confidence™ everybody in the organization becomes more confident, decisive and productive.

In too many organizations the employees never really feel like they are part of the group. They are unsure of their standing in the organization and that makes them nervous. When employees are not sure about how and where they fit in, they worry about their future and not the future of the organization.

Create a Culture of Confidence

So the first step in creating a Culture of Confidence™ comes from the top. The leaders of the organization must consciously take steps to let the people who are giving their time and efforts know that they are an integral part of operation.

If you have personnel who are not integral, you should not have them.  If they are not important to the mission, they are excess expense and shouldn’t be there anyway. If a person is there doing a job, whether it is in the C-Suite or typing pool, they deserve to be treated as part of the team.

Value Members of Your Team

No person should have to go to their job wondering if this is going to be the last day. Bosses need to instill confidence in their employees that they are valued and secure in their positions so long as the exert an honest effort. When people do not feel secure in their job, their morale drops, their engagement in the work falls off and productivity suffers.

My friend nodded affirmatively.

If one member of the team is not being productive, the whole team is at risk of not meeting the goal. When employers do not take the steps to develop confidence in their employees about the security of their financial future, they are sabotaging their own team.

It does not matter what you may have read or heard, understand that human beings are better motivated by positive influences than by negative stimuli. The threat of losing one’s job because they are not measuring up is counter-productive. Instead that employee should be given the attention they need to bring them back up to an acceptable standard. When other employees see that the employer is interested in their welfare, productivity goes up. They are confident they are working for a company that cares about them.

The Future is Bright

Do not be mistaken. The bottom line is important, and it is impacted by the lowest-level employee in the organization. By creating a Culture of Confidence™ in the organization company leaders send the message that the future is bright for all concerned.

This Culture of Confidence™ is important at every level. Creating it boosts individual confidence and makes the people in that organization confident in their place in the organization. That gives them the individual confidence to be decisive.

Thousands of hours a year are wasted in the business world by needless meetings, conferences and consultations with others over some of the most basic decisions.

Employee Turnover is Expensive

A company hires people based on the individual’s credentials. When the decision to hire is made the decision is also made that the person is fit for the position. Replacing personnel is an expensive and wasteful endeavor. The costs of acquisition of a new employee is often overlooked. But it is more than just the direct out-of-pocket expenditure. It also includes time lost, training and then waiting for that person to get up to speed.

Take the time to create a Culture of Confidence and you will reduce costly employee turnover.

My friend nodded his head and said, “You know I never looked at it that way.” The listening stranger stood up and headed for the door. He looked back at us, smiled and gave a thumbs up. “Makes them better decision makers,” he said. And then disappeared through the steam room door.

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