Taking Care of Today

Don’t Let Uncertainty Distract You

Today’s business climate leaves many of my clients uncertain about the future. The upcoming election has business professionals scratching their heads. So here is how we are approaching it.

Since there is no way yet discovered to accurately predict the future, we are going to do the best we can right now to control what we can. The remaining elements that ae out of our control are going to have to take care of themselves.

Whether I am in my role as a speaker, or in my role as a coach to businesses, I say the same thing. Prepare for that which you can see clearly and do the best job you can in that situation.

There is no sense wringing your hands wondering about the effects of the Presidential election. Doing that takes your focus off of what is happening now. If you start thinking about all of the bad things that could possibly happen it is going to cripple your ability to reach your highest level of performance today. And today is what is important.

Can’t Predict the Future

That is not to suggest that you should not explore future possibilities. It is important to have plans. It is important to have goals. But you cannot let yourself get focused on the negatives that “might” happen in the future.

No matter who wins the election, there is going to be some turmoil. When that happens, and it will happen, do you want to be in a position of strength or do you want to be weakened by fears that you have imagined?

Rather than look to the future with the mentality that you will be victimized, look to the future with the attitude that events are going to work to your advantage.

If you approach the uncertainty ahead with the attitude that you are going to be in bad shape, I guarantee you that you will be in bad shape. You will start to make decisions because you are afraid, rather than making decisions that will make you victorious.  It becomes somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You Determine Your Fate

Remember that you are the one who determines your ultimate fate. Will there be turns in the road? Yes. Will you have a rough time on occasion? Of course. Being successful takes hard work and determination. You can’t do it with a doubter’s mindset.

If you are having some doubts about where to turn right now, I can assist you. Contact me and we can have a free strategy session to discuss your concerns and set you out on a course of action that will ultimately bring you what you want.