What Can an Entrepreneur Coach Do for Me?

Entrepreneur Coach

Being an entrepreneur takes a certain amount of courage. As an entrepreneur myself, I recognize that. It isn’t always easy. In fact, it is almost never easy. If it were, anybody could be a successful entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur coach what I notice is that many of the people who seek my help are very smart, hard-working and unaware of what it is that is holding them back. They have a good, or maybe even great idea or concept. Or maybe they provide a good service. They are willing to put in the work. Somehow, though, they are stalled and can’t figure out why.

Start With A Bang

It happens to entrepreneurs in all businesses. Maybe your business started out with a bang. You opened your doors and the crowds flocked in. Suddenly that burst of business became a distant memory.

That is when a lot of entrepreneurs begin to panic. There is a term I use when I am coaching attorneys. I call it “the sole practitioner syndrome.” An attorney practicing alone will suddenly start to panic when a certain amount of time passes without a new client coming through the door.

Don’t Panic

The phone seems to have stopped ringing without explanation. The bank account is beginning to shrink. Then the phone rings and it is somebody who has a case! Now they can’t afford the usual fee. And the case really isn’t in the attorney’s preferred field.  And the prospective client seems a little difficult at the outset. They take it anyway. They panic.

That attitude can intrude into any small business. And it is perfectly understandable to have those moments when you are not sure what to do. That is when an entrepreneur coach comes in handy.

Could An Entrepreneur Coach Help?

“Why do I need a business coach?” is a question I get asked often. Another is “What can a business coach do for me?’

What I do is speak, coach and write about achieving exceptional results. My coaching clients get personal attention from me on a weekly basis. Together we analyze where they are and determine where they want to be. By working closely together we formulate a detailed plan as to how to get there. And as an entrepreneur coach, I keep my clients accountable.

How important is that? It’s the key to the process.

Businesses, individuals and organizations hire me to increase their performance, productivity and profits. If you would be open to a conversation about how I can do that for you, call me or send me an email.