What Energy Level Are You?

What is an Energy Level?

Energy levels are the measure of your potential for success in life.It is a measure of your potential output.

Psychologist Bruce D. Schneider, Ph. D. has developed an entire program, as well as, many books and papers around the Energy Leadership concept. So if energy is your potential for success, what is leadership?

Who Can Be a Leader?

Schneider believes that leadership encompasses how you interact with everyone, including yourself. So whether you are a leader of industry and sit in the corner office of the C-Suite (a phenomenon which is quickly disappearing) or you are a parent, spouse, coach or teacher, you fill the role of a leader in some respect.

In effect, everybody is a leader. I stress that to my audiences when I give a presentation as a professional speaker. Leadership opportunities are not limited to a few people. We are all put in situations where we need to exercise our leadership skills. People who are parents get this challenge on a daily basis. Your children follow your example whether you want them to, or not. Being a parent is a definite leadership role.

7 Energy Levels

So back to the concept of energy. Schneider proposes that there are seven energy levels in which people function. The higher the energy level the more productive you are and the happier your existence. That is important to me. Happiness is one of my major values. If you are going through life and you are not happy, you are not taking advantage of all you can in this life. You are only going to do this one time ( some people believe in re-incarnation and might disagree with me). When you get to the end of your journey and you have not enjoyed it, what’s the point?

Learn About the Energy Levels

I want to discuss these energy levels with you. I have studied them intensely and they work. Where you are on this energy level is very important to how you perceive the world around you. It determines how you react to people, things and events. You are operating in one of these energy levels right now without knowing it. That is just a fact. But wouldn’t it be nice to know what energy level you are in and how it is affecting your performance, productivity and personal satisfaction?

Come back here soon and we will talk about the lowest energy level; that of the “Victim.”

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