What is an Entrepreneur Coach?

Entrepreneur Coach Explained

If you are serious about your business you have probably asked the question, “What is an entrepreneur coach?” Or maybe you have wondered how to find an entrepreneur coach.

An entrepreneur coach is simply a small business coach. A small business coach helps you with strategies and techniques to create business success and think strategically about your business. Coaching helps you increase revenue and create steady profits. An entrepreneur coach helps you learn specific marketing and business skills. The results is you boost clarity about your business vision and projects.

It can seem almost overwhelming. If you are considering establishing a relationship with an entrepreneur coach or business coach you want to consider a few of these tips.

Certified Professional Coach

A true professional coach, whether a general life coach or a business coach, has the right to put the letters CPC after their name. That means Certified Professional Coach. This certification process is governed by the International Coach Federation (ICF). To get my certification I had to attend a seven-month school that required intensive training on best practices employed by professional coaches and also learn the ethical standards that apply.

Only after completing the course work and passing an exam was I granted my certification. I don’t always use the letters CPC after my name, nor do I always use the letters J.D, even though I am a licensed attorney. (See my Linkedin Page)

Achieve Your Goals

An entrepreneur coach is a person who works specifically with business people to help them achieve their long and short-term goals. The coaching programs vary vastly. Mine are conducted on the telephone or sometimes with a Zoom call. My clients are located in various parts of the country an it is not possible to meet regularly with them in person.

It Costs Nothing

As a business coach I start by having a no-obligation, totally free assessment session with people who are interested in hiring me. This session is used to determine whether I will work with a potential client. I assess your commitment to success. I do not work with any entrepreneur who is not truly willing to put in the effort to succeed. I do not want you wasting your money if you are not willing to put in the work.

And, understand, there is work involved. You will usually meet with me weekly. In each session we will discuss your current status and set goals for the week. These will be goals that you set for yourself after consultation with me. I will help you determine whether these goals are reasonable and whether they are on your path to success.

Open Your Mind to New Things

There is much more to this process. It can be the best investment you can make in your business if you approach it with an open mind. If you would be open to a conversation about how an entrepreneur coach can help you, contact me. I will set up a phone call with you at a convenient time and we can get to know one another. Ask yourself this question: Is it worth an hour of my time to learn about something that could make my business more profitable? Is it?