What Is Success?

Define Success

Are you striving for success based on what you think it is or what others tell you it is? That is a question you must confront if you want true success. Because there is no real success without personal satisfaction.

It does not matter what your definition of success is. It is not up to me or anyone else to define it for you. It is a very personal standard that you must establish for yourself.

Money or Things

For some people success means the accumulation of large sums of money. For others it is the accumulation of all of the things large sums of money can buy.

Those two things may seem to be the same. They are very different.

Take the individual who feels financially insecure. They will want to build large cash reserves and may even live so frugally that people would assume they have no money in the bank.

One the other hand the person who measures success by having trinkets and treasures may actually go into debt to purchase or acquire those items.

Right or Wrong

One is not right and the other wrong.

For either of those people to be guided by the other’s definition of success would cause them immense conflict.

It is not always easy to come to your own definition of success. Turn on the television for a short time and you will learn that success can vary from driving a fancy car to living in the right neighborhood. What perfume do you wear? How much do you weigh? What type of exercise equipment do you own?

Your wellbeing requires a sense of peace and satisfaction to find happiness. And when all the rest is stripped away, the goal is to find happiness and satisfaction in our lives. In one life that may be money. In another it may be possessions and yet in another it may be a good relationship.

Finding Happiness

No matter what it is for you, there will not be real happiness until you figure it out and start pursuing that goal. Everything else is just collateral and could well bring you angst rather than peace.

If you are not in a good place right now, ask yourself why. Are you living up to your standards or those of others? Are you pursuing the life you want to live or are you letting some other person or outside force dictate your course?

This is your life. The sooner you absorb this lesson the sooner you will find real success.