Workplace Fear

Recognizing Workplace Fear

There is a condition that is affecting employees across this country and managers at every level and in every business are missing it. That comes a no surprise since the employees themselves usually do not recognize it as a factor. It is workplace fear.

Fear has a direct effect on performance, productivity and personal satisfaction. Nobody really takes the position that is not true. Instead, most people are blind to workplace fears.

Right now there is a culture of fear in our country. There is fear of terrorism right here in America. Employees are beginning to feel vulnerable. There is the fear about what will happen with the economy. It has not been considered stable for years. Those fears translate into worry and anxiety and that has a negative impact on performance, productivity and personal satisfaction.

These fear, worries and anxieties play on the minds of your employees whether they are in the C-Suite or on the assembly line. It is only natural. Our minds conjure up every bad thing that can happen. It is our subconscious mind’s way of protecting us, or so it thinks. Negative th0ughts begin to dominate all the other things on your workers’ minds and distract them from the tasks at hand; mental or physical.

Soon your entire workforce is concerned about what will happen next, rather than what is happening now. And that costs you money.

These fear make I difficult for people to concentrate. Mistakes happen. They become distracted and can’t follow or remember instructions. Unless you address these concerns your business will suffer long-term consequences.

This type of thinking is as infectious as a common cold. It spreads from one employee to the next. A text here and an email there and soon everybody is infected.

So, what do you do? You address the problem before it gets worse. Contact me and I will meet with you to formulate a plan that teaches you how to recognize the subtle signs that are in your workplace. When you know more about the workplace fear factor you will be able to take the steps necessary to stop it before it becomes serious.

If you do not think that fear is a factor in your workplace, you are ignoring a problem that will ultimately bring your business down. It doesn’t matter whether you have three employees or three hundred. You don’t have to be a victim of the workplace fear factor. Together we can do this.