Fear Is Not Acceptable

Fear Is Never An Answer

Recently I read this quote on Facebook: “Our military is capable of instilling fear if used properly. With fear the world enjoys no wars. Our values and traditions are not being used to it’s (sic) best abilities to offer all people freedom.”

It is easy to see why the sentiment would appeal to some people. No decent person wants war, especially if they have to fight in it. And right now there is a pervasive belief that the world may be headed to a war. Usually the only people who want war are the aggressors and those who do not have to fight in the war.

As a speaker and coach I spend a lot of time studying about and teaching about fear. And I want to assure you that fear is never a good solution. People in fear are unpredictable and unproductive. Nobody wants to have people like that around.

So who does the person quoted above suggest be put in fear? When we go around flexing our muscles, whether as individuals or as countries, that assures someone will want to be bigger, stronger and tougher. It is human nature.

Remember that there are three basic instinctual responses to fear: Freeze, flight or fight. Once the frightened have fled as far as they can or as long as they can the time comes when they must fight.

So that you understand, I have no intention here of offering a solution to world problems. If I had the answer I would have already given it years ago. But I do know about fear. And I do know that there seems to be something new to be afraid of each day. And more than all of that I know I can show you how to live beyond fear. I am certain of that.

You see, most of the time these fears are those we create for ourselves. They are imagined things that are not going to happen. We let our imagination take over create scenarios for us in which we see ourselves hurt, injured or even killed. Many of these things are just the product of excessive worry.

Right now that is what the enemies of the United States are trying to create. Because they know that if they can create a state of fear they can change our way of life. And they know that if they can change our way of life they can defeat us psychologically. And when people let fear dominate their life they are defeated psychologically.

As a speaker I educate my audience about fear so they know when they are having a reaction to it. Fearful people are not productive. But fear can creep up on you without you being able to recognize it, unless you are educated about fear. Once you know more about it; why we have it, how it shows up and what it is really there for, you can perform better, produce more effectively and increase your personal satisfaction.

Learning to live a life that is peaceful and comfortable will increase your performance, productivity and personal satisfaction. These three things are intertwined. When you perform better your production goes up. When your production increases your personal satisfaction is increased. When that happens your performance also increases. See how it works?

If you would be open to a conversation about my speaking to your business, organization or association, I would love to talk to you about it. You can contact me by email or just pick up the phone and call me. I have a program that fits every budget. I look forward to entertaining and inspiring you.

We all want to be safe. We all want to live beyond fear. That is the path I have chosen and believe me, it works. Once I discovered how to do it, my life changed.  I would love to share the secrets with you.