Lasting Confidence

No Success Without Confidence

Confidence is a crucial element to success. Nobody, no company, no person, ever enjoys lasting success without confidence. There may be a temporary spurt of success without confidence. But it never lasts.

It never lasts because without confidence the person or company that achieves success doesn’t believe it is real or deserved. It is seen as an anomaly. It might not be publicly acknowledged as such. But deep inside the psyche there is that looming doubt. There is no buy-in.

That is why it is important to create and have a Culture of Confidence™.  This will serve as a foundation to the long-term success of the business as well as those involved in the business It is something that can be developed as an individual, a group or at the company level. Each situation requires a different approach.

No Confidence With Fear

Fear affects performance, productivity and personal satisfaction. Think of the spectrum of the potential for success. On one end of the spectrum is fear and on the other end is confidence. These two emotions are antithetical to one another.

The word fear has many meanings. It can be fear of losing a sale, fear of being mistreated in the workplace or fear of losing a job. Humans are capable of creating fears more readily than they are of creating success scenarios.

Those fears are roadblocks to success.  Confidence is the cure. Creating a culture of confidence is the pathway to success. It is a waste of time and money to send the sales team to a meeting to learn the latest in sales techniques if they do not have the confidence to use those tools. All of the time spent in learning how to use a tool is wasted if the tool goes unused. That is a common problem is industries across the world. It would be better in many cases, economically and in other ways, if the classes were not taught at all.

Confidence Is Developed

Confidence is developed, not learned. It is a trait that does not come easily to many people. It can be destroyed easier than it can be developed. Leaders in successful companies should be working to developing a culture of confidence. It is an investment that pays off in so many ways. Workers get more accomplished when they are not worried about their future or the future of their company.

Not only do your employees become more confident, they are more decisive and productive. The number of meetings is reduced, and that time is spent on actual production. Too many meetings is a sign of lack of confidence.

I Am Confident I Can Help You

If you would be open to a conversation about me speaking to your organization or company, please contact me. I am sure I have a program that will fit your needs.

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