Confident Leader in Covid-19 Era

Confident Leader Fundamentals

A confident leader gets results. But having the necessary confidence can be a challenge. Especially during the pandemic.

If you are serving in a leadership position right now you are facing a set of issues and circumstances that are unprecedented in your lifetime. People are looking to you to come up with answers.

Uncertain Times

How can you be a confident leader when you are facing uncertain times?

This is when you need to call on your inner strength. Those same tools of leadership that got you here will carry you through.

Confidence is the Foundation

Remember the fundamentals of leadership. Confidence is the foundation you build upon.


The first fundamental of leadership is being of service. Your role as a leader is to serve your team in a way that inspires and motivates them. Keep in mind that they are just as worried about their individual futures as they are about accomplishing the unit’s goals.

Be mindful of this.


That leads o the next fundamental. Listening. Each member of your team has individual needs, worries and concerns. As their leader you must discover what those are. Without addressing the need and concerns of your unit members you will never get their full performance potential. You find out the needs and concerns by listening.

Let them know that you are interested in their individual well-being. You want their best from them. You will get it by letting them know you are looking out for their best interests. They are understandably distracted right now, just as you are.


The next fundamental is vulnerability. There is nothing wrong with letting your team hear and see that you, too, are being affected by the pandemic. Don’t do this by complaining to them. You do not have to burden them with your individual concerns. Never try to compare your plight with theirs. Just let them be aware that you are human. Let them know that they are not in this alone.

There are more fundamentals of leadership that you will need to draw upon in order to be a confident leader. These are just three.

You Can Do This

Have confidence in yourself that you are the right person for the job. You have brought your team this far. You can and will guide them through these tough times. That is what being a confident leader is all about.