Listening Like a Leader

Listening to Others

These are difficult times for many people. Difficult times bring their own special problems. These are frequently problems we haven’t faced before. Are you listening?

To confront, combat and conquer these problems takes proper leadership. It takes a leader who has confidence in himself. It takes a leader with courage to accept criticism. It takes a leader who is willing to withstand the blow-back from his usual supporters when alternative solutions are put forth.

Are you that leader?

Each of us is in a leadership role in one way or another. On the most basic of terms we have the obligation each day to lead ourselves toward being a better person. And that can be tough.

There is always the temptation to take the easy path. Procrastination can set in in the most subtle of forms.

Right now people everywhere are looking for leaders. It might be at work or in a social setting. There is an atmosphere of confusion and distrust prevailing in our surroundings.

Are you the leader they are hoping will step up?

How are your listening skills?

You can be. Your skills may be needed now more than ever.

One of the most important qualities of a good leader is the ability to listen. Listen to what others around you are saying. They will tell you what they need. If you can help them solve the problem, you should step up.

A problem that exists right now is that most people do not really know how to listen. Too often a person listens only long enough to think about what they want to say about the topic. Then they immediately respond with their statement.

Instead, try following up a statement from others with a question. Maybe all you have to say is, “tell me more.”

That will usually lead to a discussion. And that is where you learn how to help resolve an issue or problem.

One of the components of my Energy Leadership Development Program is a complete exercise on learning to listen effectively.

If you want to increase your leadership potential, I can help you. Contact me. I will spend up to an hour with you answering your questions and helping you decide whether or not I can help you. I do that by listening to you.