Professional Speakers and Real Estate Agents

Professional Speakers and Real Estate Agents

Professional speakers and real estate agents constantly look for new and different ways to build their business. The innovators are always on the lookout for something that will set them apart. It isn’t easy and there are a lot of efforts that fall short.

As a business coach for real estate agents I keep up on the trends that seem to be working and share them with my clients. As a keynote speaker I am asked take these ideas and share them with real estate associations.

National Speakers Association

Today I had the opportunity to attend the St. Louis Gateway Chapter of The National Speakers Association monthly meeting.  This is the organization of professional speakers in the St. Louis area. The guest speaker was Thom Singer.

Thom is a keynote speaker who is also known as the “Conference Catalyst.” He is one of the professional speakers who goes to the various NSA Chapters to share his knowledge and expertise.

Professional Speakers and Podcasting

He does not speak about real estate issues. Instead, this presentation was all about podcasting.

Thom is the host of the podcast “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do.”

His advice on podcasting is what I found so interesting. To the surprise of many of the professional speakers at today’s meeting, podcasting is not really that profitable for most people. It is more of a tool to supplement your business.

No Increased Visibility

Professional speakers are always looking for a way to increase their visibility. So are real estate agents. I thought this might be a good topic to explore for my clients. It was. I came away from the discussion pretty convinced that a podcast is of little or no use to most real estate agents. Part of my responsibility as a coach is to help my clients determine where not to spend their efforts.

Although you can pass along some good information in a podcast it takes too long to develop a following. The average home buyer is not interested in general real estate news or issues except when they are in the middle of selling or buying a home. Under ideal circumstances that is not a long period of time.

Personal networking still is the best source of business for most residential real estate agents. Building a business built of word of mouth builds a strong foundation for a business that will last for years.

If you would be open to a conversation about how I can help your association, feel free to contact me.