Salesforce Confidence

Creating A Culture of Confidence™

You can teach your sales staff all of the technical tricks of the trade. You can arm them with all of the proper tools. If they don’t have the confidence to use them, it is just a waste of time and money.

Experienced sales managers develop a Culture of Confidence™ in their organization. That is the bedrock foundation of a successful sales team.

Organizations hire me to work with their people to make them confident, decisive and productive.

It Takes Good Leadership

There are a number of sayings people throw around when talking about sales. Usually those are a reminder that there is a yes out there somewhere. And that is true. Unless the sales manager is able to inspire a member of his sales team to push on through the drought, that sales professional is going to drop by the wayside when pickings get slim.

All types of concerns begin to work their way into the mind of the seller. One of the first things they do is lose faith in the system. The begin to question whether management is on the right path. As their efforts fail to turn around, they lose faith in other things as well. Finally, they lose faith in themselves.

Look For Clues

A good sales leader is watchful for signs that a team member needs help. And in order to do that there has to be a Culture of Confidence™ in the entire organization.

What does a Culture of Confidence™ look like? It is a company where the employees are made to know and understand that they are considered to be a valuable asset. Competition in a sales team is an integral part of the business. That competition, though, can be as harmful as it is helpful.

Confidence Is Critical

To start with make sure your sales force knows that they will get the support they need to sell the product. Most people who have been in sales for a while have confidence in their abilities. But a Culture of Confidence™ is more than that. It is about making your sales team know that they matter.

Good sales professionals do not always make good sales managers. Each of those positions require a separate skill set.

Selling widgets is a different task than managing people selling widgets. If you are not creating a Culture of Confidence™ in your organization you need to start right now.

Exceptional Results

If you would be open to a conversation about me speaking to your organization, contact me. I speak, write and coach about creating a Culture of Confidence™. Together we can achieve exceptional results. I work exclusively with organizations that want their people to be self-assured, decisive and productive.