Business Builder and Speaker

Speaker? Yes!

Yes, I am a speaker. I speak to organizations that want their people to be more profitable. But I am also a business builder. You see many of my business clients come from my engagements as a speaker, Then organizations that bring me in to be a speaker want their members to be more confident, be better decision makers and ultimately to be more profitable. There is no reason to have a business if you d not want to be profitable.

Fear in the business sales department

Organizations spend a lot of money sending their people to sales courses. Sure a business needs to have a good sales force. But so often I see where a business has trained their people and still don’t get the results. That is because their sales force lacks the confidence they need to carry out the program. Sales is hard work. Not everybody can do it. I work with companies all the time who have good people but aren’t getting the results they expect. I help those companies empower their employees. You see, being a speaker is just part of the job.

Presentations, consulting and programs

A speaker’s job is to give presentations but that is not where my job ends. I develop programs for the companies I work with to help them move ahead. One of the first things I do is to get fear out of the sales department. Generally after I finish my job as a speaker the company brings me on to work individually with the employees or groups of employees to help them focus on the company goals.

Pick up the pace

There is no standing still in the business world. Companies are under a constant pressure to produce. That is where I provide an additional service. Nobody really wants to talk about fear. But it is the one big thing that keeps companies and their employees from producing optimally. Sometimes it is at the management level. Other times it might be in the sales department. But when it is there, it robs the organization of success.

Don’t ignore it

If you think that fear is not a factor in your business, you are do not truly appreciate human behavior. Can I help you? Of course. If you would be open to a conversation about how I can help your business be more productive and more profitable, I would love to talk to you.