The Opportunity to Manage

It Is a Matter of Perspective

Would you rather live a life of opportunities or a life sentence of obligations? Often people talk in terms of “having” to do something. When the reality is they actually “get” to do it.

Think of those times when you hear a co-worker talk about having to do a report or having to go to a meeting. Think of all those people who do not even have a job. They would love to get to go to a meeting or do a report.

Which Do You Choose?

You see we can either live a life of opportunities or live a life sentence of obligations.

Having an opportunity outlook is all about looking at the events in your life as opportunities. There is a saying that opportunity only knocks once. That is not true. If you have an opportunity outlook you will find that opportunity will beat down your door.

Think About Your Opportunity

One day I was with a friend and said that I had to go to another city to give a presentation to a group of business executives. I guess the tone in my voice was a little negative. He looked at me and said, “You know you are really lucky, getting to travel and tell people how they can become more confident. I wish I could do that.”

It reminded me that I didn’t have to go. I had the opportunity to go. You see, it is all about how we look at things. We all can forget sometimes how fortunate we are. It is a matter of perspective.

I have the privilege of working exclusively with organizations that want their people to be self-assured, decisive and productive. It is an opportunity to change lives

Make Your Employees Matter

When employees begin to appreciate that their employers consider them to be an integral part of the team they begin to have a mindset shift that helps them see their jobs as opportunity to further the mission or objective. People do not take jobs wanting to be taken for granted, no matter what the job. Making each employee feel that they are part of the team helps them see where they fit in the greater plan.

As a manger you have the opportunity to help each employee reach his or her full potential. It isn’t something a manager “has to do.” It is an opportunity for that manager to exhibit the skills that got them to their position.

Are you ready to have an opportunity outlook?

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